Out of State Buyers

 Mullinax Ford welcomes out of state car buyers!

More than ever, shoppers save money by searching vehicle prices across the country. We are extremely proud to offer an alternative to your typical car buying experience. We are proud to offer you a completely transparent used car buying option with no dealer fees and no negotiation of our prices. We believe in moving volume, so we've priced each vehicle as close to cost as possible. We sell hundreds of cars each month to out of state buyers that keep referring us to their friends & families.So the numbers below continue to increase each month. Our Low Up Front® pricing has sold thousands of used vehicles across the nation.

Alaska119 Maine137 Ohio313
Arizona156 Maryland194 Oklahoma138
Arkansas146 Massachusetts213 Oregon120
California222 Michigan278 Pennsylvania287
Colorado182 Minnesota148 Rhode Island116
Connecticut172 Mississippi1965 South Carolina293
Delaware113 Missouri157 South Dakota19
Georgia711 Montana133 Tennessee390
Hawaii18 Nebraska116 Texas455
Idaho16 Nevada127 Utah114
Illinois219 New Hampshire151 Vermont121
Indiana188 New Jersey265 Virginia262
Iowa121 New Mexico117 Washington146
Kansas124 New York229 West Virginia136
Kentucky185 North Carolina144 Wisconsin144
Louisiana400 North Dakota15 Wyoming14
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